Testimonials from several coaching programs lead by Cindy Claes:


“I am incredibly grateful for the program. I can’t put it to words. I just got 3 funding applications approved, giving me a budget of 9000 euro to work with on 3 different projects. Today, I also got offered a professionally paid job as a choreographer soon. I was also offered two performances dates and a residency for my own work. During this, a whole panel of judges, programmers, bookers, … will come and watch. I am launched now. You made me so ready and secure, with the whole program, but mostly, your specific coaching. It’s an insane feeling I am having now. Can’t even begin to describe. I couldn’t fully grasp that the effect would happen so soon and so much before and during the program. But really Cindy, thanks for giving me the knowledge, skills and also support to kick me to get me here. It’s the first time ever I feel good about everything, even about things that are going bad. I lost almost all fear. And I never thought this day would ever come, let alone all in the same day. You are really forever the best thing that ever crossed my path. Thanks so much. Really. Don’t know how I ever would be able to give back what you’ve done for me, but I am trying to live up to it.” – Evelyne

“Working with Cindy has been one of the biggest turning points for me as an artist, and one of my biggest inspirations in the dance world. Cindy is truly a unique and special treasure in the dance industry.” – Daniel

“Cindy is great and encouraging always! Working with her in the short time has opened my eyes to see things differently from a creative perspective. Allowing myself to be challenged and step out of comfort zones. She is a great mentor and creative artist and I am blessed to have been able to cross paths with her.” – Michael

“Cindy is an incredible artist and leader with a passion for sharing knowledge. Her fantastic teaching abilities and desire to help build up the dance community have inspired me to pursue my own goals. She is a selfless mentor that I am constantly learning from.” – Elsabet

“Cindy helped me to develop my art in a completely different way but without sacrificing my inner voice.” – Alejandro

Phenomenal Woman, Mentor, Creator and Artist. Really cares about the development of aspiring artists.” – Shanelle

“Cindy has proven that she is a key into unlocking potential in others. Her experience and knowledge creates a perfect mentor for people like myself.” – Laurence

“During the sessions I learned a lot, both on an artistic level and on a human level. I developed a new outlook on my surroundings as an artist, and have new goals for my future projects.” – Nico