The Program

The Totally Driven online academy is made of 3 parts:


1. An online business academy (“Dancers Do Business”)

A series of 40+  videos that teaches you step by step how to:
– apply for fundings ( so you get money to travel, create shows, set up events, etc.)
– network
– build your portfolio
– get your social media and marketing on point
– recruit collaborators
– delegate, build a team
– etc.
We also look at how to develop your business skills as an artist, so you can keep doing more of what your love: DANCE!

2. Monthly group coaching calls

You get to ask me questions, every month, during our group coaching conference calls.
Stuck with your artistic explorations? ASK.
Don’t know how to negotiate your fee? ASK.
Don’t know how to make a budget? ASK.
Procrastinating? ASK.
Doubting your ideas? ASK.
It’s all about tapping into your highest potential as an artist and give you the business tools you need to succeed.
This monthly support allows you to never get stuck again, and gives you times to implement new actions.

3. Weekly emails to keep on track

Weekly top tips and inspirational actions will be emailed to you directly as a member.

BONUS: A course on creativity and dance theatre (“Creative Expansion”)

A series of videos on exploring dance theatre, freestyle and creative tasks with dance.
A module that helps you develop both as a choreographer and as a performer.
We look into how to:
– tell stories through dance
– create intricate choreographic sequences
– make people laugh / make people cry with our shows
– find meaning within the choreography
– etc.

Ready to Sign Up?

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